About Us

KM Pharmaceutical Consulting LLC (KM) is a US-based consulting and project management company located in Washington, DC.

KM provides pharmaceutical consultation and project management

KM provides strategic pharmaceutical consulting, drug development consulting, and pharmaceutical project management services. Our team has extensive experience in global drug development with a broad expertise spanning science, medical, regulatory, and patents with both strategic and operational skills.

We act as your development team

KM can be particularly useful to companies outside the US who do not have a development team in the US or to pharmaceutical biotech companies who prefer to contract out their product development. Our consulting group assists with scientific and medical strategy. Our project management team assists with implementation of the development plan and manages projects in any stage. We work as a core member on your project team. We offer the best in customized solutions.

KM has an extensive network of consultants for all different areas of expertise in pharmaceuticals and organizes a consulting team for each project.

We assist you in:

  • Defining regulatory strategies
  • Interacting with FDA – preparing and submiting dossiers
  • Proposing development plans
  • Implementing development plans
  • Managing non-clinical / clinical programs
  • Developing patent strategies
  • Defining and implementing licensing strategies